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Registration ends on 7/15, but there are still some tables available. Register now. Right now. 

Things are moving right along with the planning of 
Philly Feminist Zine Fest! We have space lined up, some amazing workshops, a zine reading the night before at Wooden Shoe Books. So far almost thirty people are signed up, which means that there are still some spaces left! 

A bit about the fest
This event is a fundraiser for 
Project SAFE, which is an organization that provides needed advocacy, education, and support to sex workers of Philly's Kensington district. Additionally, since it's held at the William Way Center, this fest raises both money and awareness for two seperate communities. We were inspired by our friends who put together NYC Feminist Zine Fest in February, and wanted to do something similar.

We hope to have tons of stuff to entertain you, not just on the day of the event, but all weekend. So far, we are looking forward to hosting a reading at Wooden Shoe Books the night before the fest, and have some other plans in motion. Be sure to stay tuned for that. And on Sunday, be sure to bring a few extra bucks for raffles because we have some amazing prizes.

Additionally, ActionAIDS will be on site providing free, confidential HIV testing all day. 


12-1 PM From Smoochin' To Sexin': Navigate, Negotiate, Communicate - by Screwsmart
Let’s face it - when it comes to getting busy, navigation and negotiation can be tricky for just about anybody, no matter how they identify. ScrewSmart Sex Education is here to help! A trio of sex education professionals offers up a variety of tips and tools to help skillfully navigate the sometimes choppy waters of communication and sexual negotiation that can be specific to their trans* and gender variant lovers. Mixing interactive elements with the group's own stories and insights, this workshop will help foster community among partners, as well as build that sexy confidence it takes for all of us to be having the best sex possible. Whether you have a special someone that you smooch on, looking to get laid this weekend, or are just curious to learn more – all are welcome.
1-2 PM Project SAFE: Decriminalizing Sex Work - Members of Project SAFE
This workshop will discuss both harm-reduction and the effects of criminalizing sex work. Project SAFE operates under the belief that stigmatizing sex work leads to deeper dis-empowerment and strives to create a community of and for women participating in the sex industry that promotes self advocacy concerning health, legal rights, and public policy. 
2PM - 3PM Soapbox Alternative Zine Structure - by The Soapbox
Learn several fold-and-cut book structures that lend themselves to photocopy reproduction. Create mini-books, a maze book, and a book that resembles a house. These can all be made with a few simple folds and cuts. Mary & Charlene of The Soapbox: Independent Publishing Center will show you how!
3PM - 4PM  Putting the Pain to Paper: Writing about the Tuff Stuff - by the For the Birds Collective  
This interactive workshop will explore writing as a tool for processing painful experiences such as grief, illness, loss, and trauma.  We will discuss the psychological impact of writing and self-publishing on both individuals andcommunities and explore why and how it can help us heal.  Together we will do a writing exercise and provide ideas to help you engage with your own writing process.  We'll also highlight the specific zines and books that we think exhibit a good job of tackling the "tuff stuff" as inspiration.  Workshop led by Cynthia Ann Schemmer, MFA (creative nonfiction) and author of "Habits of Being" zine, and Kathleen McIntyre, LMSW and editor of "The Worst" zine on grief and loss.  
4-5:30 How to Be an Ally to Sex Workers - members ofSWOP and PERSIST Health Project
Join members of the Sex Workers Outreach Project and PERSIST Health Project for a discussion on how to be an ally to individuals in the sex trade. This workshop will begin by talking about the spectrum of experience folks can experience in the sex trade, followed by a guided values assessment of participants' feelings and concerns about the sex trade. The workshop will conclude with SWOP's suggestions for best practices for intimate family members (chosen or given) as well as for professionals, such as medical providers.


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